How Much Difference Can One Inch Make?

When it comes to selecting the best configuration for your plantation shutters, you need to keep the following things in mind... First off, is it possible to install the shutters INSIDE the window casing or do they need to be installed OUTSIDE or in front of the window molding? [Read More]


Thor's Blinds

This is a little bit outside of the realm of "installation stories" but it is interesting none the less. According to Wikipedia and other forums on the web, there is a story in Norse Mythology that says Thor once took shelter from a thunderstorm under an oak tree. And as such the oak became sacred to him. [Read More]


What Is The Difference Between Curtains & Draperies?

As I was coming up in the window treatment business I was always taught that draperies are custom made by an interior designer or their workroom. I was also taught that curtains are the semi-custom or ready-made products you purchase "off the shelf" or out of a catalog. [Read More]