What Is A Cornice Board?

A cornice board (also called a top treatment since it is mounted at the top of the window), is constructed of either solid wood which is painted or stained OR they can be wrapped in fabric to accent the decor of the room or to match draperies that can be installed underneath the cornice. [Read More]


What Is A Plantation Shutter?

Interior shutters can be found in woods (such as cedar, basswood, oak, maple, elm) as well as synthetic or composite materials. In most cases wood shutters are more expensive than synthetics or composites and stained wood shutters are typically more expensive than painted wood shutters. [Read More]


Welcome To Our Blog

It says "welcome to our blog" but really it should say "welcome to your blog."

 Because afterall, our website is about us. But the blog is about you. It is a resource for everyone out there to help you understand some of the INs and OUTs of window treatments as well as some of the DOs and DON'Ts of trying to do an installation yourself. [Read More]