Have You "Installed" A Plan For 2013?

If you've ever watched the movie "The Hunt for Red October," Admiral Painter (played by Fred Thompson) asks Jack Ryan "What's his plan? Russians don't [go to the bathroom] without a plan."

  What is our plan? [Read More]


Residential or Commercial

We get asked quite frequently if we do commercial work or just residential. Honestly we do both. However, 75% of our work is done in a residential setting. Another 10% [Read More]


How Much Difference Can One Inch Make?

When it comes to selecting the best configuration for your plantation shutters, you need to keep the following things in mind... First off, is it possible to install the shutters INSIDE the window casing or do they need to be installed OUTSIDE or in front of the window molding? [Read More]


Thor's Blinds

This is a little bit outside of the realm of "installation stories" but it is interesting none the less. According to Wikipedia and other forums on the web, there is a story in Norse Mythology that says Thor once took shelter from a thunderstorm under an oak tree. And as such the oak became sacred to him. [Read More]


What Is The Difference Between Curtains & Draperies?

As I was coming up in the window treatment business I was always taught that draperies are custom made by an interior designer or their workroom. I was also taught that curtains are the semi-custom or ready-made products you purchase "off the shelf" or out of a catalog. [Read More]


Much Ado About Nothing

October is National Window Cord Safety Month. And as a result, there is a great deal of conversation going on about something that isn't even there. Interior designers, installers, salespeople, and workrooms all across the country are talking about it, some are blogging about it, and several are going to workshops and seminars to learn about it.

 ''It'' is cord-free window coverings. [Read More]


iNstalls & iPods

If you are working with an installer you will probably need to address the issue of "personal devices on a jobsite" at some point.

 "Personal Devices" could be a cellphone, an iPhone, a Blackberry, an iPod or MP3 player, a radio or "boombox" or other such device. [Read More]


Hip To Be Square

Every once in a while, something will come along that makes you stop and do a double take. Your initial reaction is "Hmm, I wonder what they were thinking when they did that." But after you look at it for a minute it transitions into "Hmm, that's actually pretty cool. I wonder who thought that up." [Read More]


Only As Good As

As good as the designer may be, they can only be as good as the team they have working with them. Whether it's the electricians, the painters, the carpet installers, or the drapery installers... you need to be aware of everyone that will be involved in your project. [Read More]


Promises To Keep

As a business owner, I am always suprised when my clients act suprised when I show up on time.

It's as if every other workman or contractor they have ever hired is either late (and doesn't call) or simply doesn't show up. [Read More]


Get Your Motor Running

Motorized window treatments are extremely popular these days. They offer a level of style and convenience that is appealing to a growing number of homeowners and builders. And window treatment manufacturers are paying attention. [Read More]


What Is A Window Blind?

This is a window blind, (sometimes called mini-blinds, plantation blinds, or ''Venetian'' blinds) and they can be horizontally or vertically oriented with slats that are made out of metal (usually aluminum), plastic, extruded vinyl, wood, or a wood composite.

Horizontal blinds, can be raised and lowered to provide access to the window opening using a fabric lift cord or a mechanical cordless lift system installed inside the headrail at the top of the blind. [Read More]


What Is A Solar Shade?

This is a solar shade and as you can see, it offers a fair amount of protection from the sun, but still allows a respectable amount of light to pass through giving you a nice view to the outside. Solar shades are part of the expanded family of roller shade style window treatments. [Read More]


What Is A Cornice Board?

A cornice board (also called a top treatment since it is mounted at the top of the window), is constructed of either solid wood which is painted or stained OR they can be wrapped in fabric to accent the decor of the room or to match draperies that can be installed underneath the cornice. [Read More]


What Is A Plantation Shutter?

Interior shutters can be found in woods (such as cedar, basswood, oak, maple, elm) as well as synthetic or composite materials. In most cases wood shutters are more expensive than synthetics or composites and stained wood shutters are typically more expensive than painted wood shutters. [Read More]


Welcome To Our Blog

It says "welcome to our blog" but really it should say "welcome to your blog."

 Because afterall, our website is about us. But the blog is about you. It is a resource for everyone out there to help you understand some of the INs and OUTs of window treatments as well as some of the DOs and DON'Ts of trying to do an installation yourself. [Read More]